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Helpful Hints

1. Make sure your photograph expresses your personality.
2. Before taking or having a photograph made, practice your smile in a mirror to achieve your most natural smile.
3. When possible, it is good to use bright, solid colored clothing for your photograph.
4. For head-shot photographs, long sleeves are recommended.
5. Avoid using clothing showing name brand logos in your photographs.
6. When sending your photograph to an Agent, place your resume, which should be neatly typed and reflecting an honest evaluation of your experience on the back of the photograph either by print, staples or glue.
7. Full body, color Composite cards are recommended for print and fashion models. They should reflect different looks and styles for the talent.
1. Be courteous and quiet while at all auditions. Remember, others are auditioning and noise will reflect on film.
2. Avoid loud or clanking shoes such as flip-flops which make noise as you walk, that distract from the face where all the focus should be.
3. Keep juice and crackers on hand for auditions and bookings that may run longer than anticipated.
4. Always remember to bring your marketing material to auditions, such as head shots, resumes, comp-cards, props etc.
5. Be aware of the clothing you are expected to wear at the audition, and make sure it is neat, clean and pressed.
6. Evaluate your make-up according to the role you are playing. For example, if they want casual and natural, then you should look like your head shot. However, if they want a character look such as "tom boy", "hippie", "quirky" and so on, you should look the part.
7. Bring your social security number as it will be required prior to working
8. Remember to bring the name, address and telephone number of the person or Agency sending you to the audition.
9. When possible, ask when the "call backs" are to be done in order to keep your schedule clear in case you are needed.
10. Always remember to bring a pen with you to your auditions so that you are prepared for any paperwork you will need to complete and to continue your professional appearance.
1. Return your Agent’s calls promptly as they may have important audition, call back or work related information for you.
2. Be available for your Agent. Consider how your can be reached and provide your Agent with your contact information such as pager number, answering service and/or cell phone number.
3. Keep a pen and paper by your telephone to record any information conveyed by your Agent and to avoid asking the Agent to hold while you search for it.
4. Mail any update information to your Agent, such as address, telephone numbers, resumes etc. Do not tie up the Agents’s telephone line with updates.
5. It never hurts to send a card, small gift or trinket to your Agent as it will help to keep you and your information fresh in their mind.
6. Agents earn their fee from the work performed by you.
7. Do not fax your photograph or headshot to your Agent, unless requested to do so, as it does not come out well and it ties up the fax machine for a long period of time.
8. Know and understand what you are signing before you sign anything.
9. Keep track of what work you have done, how much is due to you and when you will be paid.
1. Create a calender log reflecting your work related activities along with your mileage and expenses.
2. Keep all receipts for your expenses as they may be tax deductible from your earnings. Please consult your attorney or tax accountant for full details.
3. You should consider having a way to be reached at all times such as e-mail, agent contact, pager, answering service and/or cell phone.
4. Be professional. Always be on time for your appointments. Be courteous and respectful. Be prepared.
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